Stephanie1Hi I’m Stephanie aka Glory Stone. As far back as I can remember I have always loved music. It’s always been in me, all around me and important, like breathing. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my mom, were the first singers I remember having an impact on me. They always seemed to have had a song. Then there were the singers at church, my school bus driver (always had music going), the nurturing I received from my music teachers in elementary school, hearing songs on the radio, also made an impact. I sang a lot, but the most precious memories I have are of the times I would sing in my room and feel the tangible presence of God as I sang whatever came in my heart. The first time it happened I knew immediately something special had occurred. Everyday I would go to the same place at the same time just to sing to Him. Then one day I was angry about something and nothing; not a song, not a note. I didn’t hear music at all… I cried so hard and said, “where’d you go, please come back”. I ran all around outside looking, thinking maybe He moved to a new spot. Then it hit me: my attitude was not right, anger was not the right atmosphere. So I apologized and asked for forgiveness and just like that, I was flooded with His presence again–and the music was back! That same day I realized I had to always keep my heart right. I could sing to Him anywhere and I now had freedom to share the songs I got with others.

In my early days I sang in the church choir at Mt. Olive Baptist Church and Hope, Faith & Charity Missionary Baptist Church. In 6th grade I got the lead role in the Hohl Elementary School operetta. One of the songs I sang was ‘Trusting Is Believing’. The words of that song still bless me today. Funny side note: when I got the news that I had the lead part in the operetta, I ran all the way home to tell my mom I got the part. She laughed and said, “you can sing?”. I said “yes mama”. The night of the operetta was life changing. I felt the presence of God as I sang and other people said they did, too. My mom knew for sure that night I could sing. From Junior High through Senior High I devoted myself to singing in church. In college, Grambling State University, I was one of the original members of the Voices of Faith Choir. After college I continued to sing at church in the choir, on the worship team and special music at New Light Church in Houston and I begin to sing background vocals on various albums for local singers and singing at weddings, funerals and birthday parties. I also sang on the praise and worship team at Time of Celebration Church in Houston.

In the early years of my marriage one of our dear friends, rapper Blackseed, invited my husband Martin and me to a rap outreach concert. Blackseed was to open up for a new up and coming rap artist by the name of Nuwine. Blackseed was caught in traffic and the concert needed to get started. Nuwine stepped onto the flatbed trailer and said is there anybody here that can rap or sing to get this concert started and my husband immediately said “my wife can!” I was mortified! And so I sang two songs by other artist via accompaniment tracks and that began my singing at different events. That was great but I knew there was more. I started writing songs of my own and then Blackseed told me about a new producer by the name of Ricky B. He connected us and from there Ricky flew to Houston to work with me. In the middle of a writing session he said this song needs a rap and he immediately called Nuwine to asked him to feature on the song. Again I was mortified. “No, don’t call him he doesn’t know me; Nuwine rap on my song?” Sure enough Ricky B called Nuwine, explained what he was doing and asked Nuwine to feature. Nuwine said that’s the girl that bailed me out at my first concert! I’ll do anything for her! And he did, he agreed to rap on the song! At Light and Sound Studios, where he was working with engineer Don Champagne, Nuwine heard the song and loved it and also another song I was working on. He asked me to be on his compilation. From there I featured on albums by Lil Raskull, country singer Rebekah Pratt, Amani, Mr. Real, Blackseed, Loretta Williams-Grunell and on several Nuwine albums and his hit video Million Souls.

2001 I released my first full-length solo album, Love Letter.

In 2002 I was presented the HHHAA Hip-Hop Soul Achievement Award for Most Outstanding Vocalist.

2003 and part of 2005 I spent a lot of time just being filled up with God’s Word, I wanted to make sure as a writer and singer that I stayed in tune with what God loved. I’d go to the services week after week hear the messages and apply the principles to my life. It was work, but I knew God’s plan was what I wanted. I laid down going out to sing for a while and sang only a few places, weddings, funerals and a conference here and there for family or friends. There was a new sound, a new shift, coming to me and I needed clarity. I didn’t want to lay dormant and not use what God had given me so I begin to volunteer at my local church, Glorious Way Church (GWC), in Houston, Texas. I taught the toddlers, preschoolers and I led praise and worship in children’s church on occasion. I believe it was 2005 my pastor, Pastor John Greiner, asked if I would like to be part of the worship team in the main sanctuary, I said “yes!” I initially sang tenor then alto and now melody, backing Pastor as he leads. I often get to lead the congregation during Praise and Worship on Sunday mornings and our Wednesday night services filling in for Pastor. I also head up GWC’s youth worship team, Altitude.

In 2010 God laid it on my heart to ask Nick Odizor, also a member of GWC, if he would help me with music for a new CD. Working together, Glory Stone was born. We would sit in service as Pastor Greiner ministered and receive songs by the spirit of God! Nick was on one side of the church and I on the other. It was amazing! We’d go to my home after service and write them down and record what God gave us! Then there were times when we would hear a phrase–and knew it was a song! Way Maker was given to us that way: Our pastor’s wife Mrs. Gladys Greiner, during ministry time, kept saying “Way Maker” (declaring that Jesus is the way maker!). It hit me each time she said it and I knew that was a song! Awesome things happened like this over and over again and we kept our antennae up to receive what God was saying. Nick is the lead guitarist and co-writer on my new CD ‘BELIEVE’.

This is my musical journey so far. Glory Stone is music from The Word and The Spirit.